Daniel Fischer co-founded Tevard Biosciences to develop gene therapy approaches to cure Dravet Syndrome — a disease that affects his daughter Natasha — and other rare diseases not amenable to traditional gene therapy approaches. He brings extensive management and entrepreneurial expertise. Daniel has been a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies with several top-tier consultancies, including A.T. Kearney and Arthur D. Little. Daniel worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with industry, academic researchers, and startups in advancing the state-of-the-art in multiple disciplines, including: AI/machine learning, biotechnology, nanotechnology, IoT, and innovation management. Daniel was the founder and CEO of Intellimedix which he co-founded to develop and implement a platform for personalized medicine. In 2000 he co-founded and managed Comerxia, a company that was featured in TIME magazine as the leading solution for international ecommerce.

Daniel lives in Newton, MA with his wife Karina and 4 children: Jonathan, David, Nicole and Natasha.