Dr. Gregory Robinson is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Tevard Bio. He was Chief Scientific Officer at Summation Bio, a nonviral gene therapy company concentrating on disorders in the ophthalmology space. Earlier, he was Chief Scientific Officer for Akouos, a gene therapy company looking at therapeutics for hearing disorders. Previously, he served as the Chief Scientific Officer at Nightstar Therapeutics, an AAV gene therapy company focused on inherited retinal diseases. Dr. Robinson was a key member of the leadership team that led Nightstar to its acquisition by Biogen. Prior to Nightstar, Dr. Robinson was the Chief Scientific Officer at Agilis Biotherapeutics where he was responsible for advancing AAV-based gene therapy candidates for the treatment of rare central nervous system disorders. He has also held leadership roles at Shire Plc., Eyetech Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacia, and Hybridon. He has co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and has 13 issued patents. Dr. Robinson holds a B.S. from Macalester College, a Ph.D. from Boston University, and completed postdoctoral studies at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School.